You might be surprised to learn that Charles Darwin predicted the success of Kim Kardashian. Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated for dramatic effect, but not by too much.

About Darwin. Our ability to understand of the development and complexity of life on earth can be dated with precision: the year 1859, when Darwin published On The Origin of Species. Perhaps no idea since has been better understood by specialists, and less understood by the general public than the concept of evolution and the role is has played in the natural history of our planet,  right up to the present moment, with the hit TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Evolution is driven by two powerful forces: the twin “desires” of species to survive and to reproduce. I put the term “desire” in quotation marks because it applies not only to animals with brains, but to organisms which lack central nervous systems and – as best we can tell – consciousness. However even amoeba and bacteria, not to mention more complex organisms such as mayflies, behave in ways which suggest survival is an important goal.

Survival, by itself, however, is no guarantee of evolutionary success, just as possession of a set of pots and pans is no guarantee someone will be a good cook.  For those species that reproduce sexually, such as us humans, a life without offspring is an evolutionary dead end. Of course, modern existence as we know it today, with cities, hospitals, airports, cars, telephones and computers came about only after the development of agriculture, some five thousand years ago. In evolutionary terms, this is the merest blink of an eye. We may live twenty-first century lives, but our brains and bodies reflect the history of our species as small bands of hunter gatherers hundreds of thousands of years ago on the African savannah. And, of course, these bodies of ours contain big brains capable of complex and sophisticated thought, which means we consciously choose to engage in all kinds of activities which would have been maladaptive 100,000 years ago, such as remaining childless by choice, or, in my case, adopting two kids and in no way regarding them as anything less than 100 percent my own. Biology is powerful, but it is not always destiny.

Sex doesn’t explain everything in life, but it does explain a lot. Our bodies reflect marked sexual differences, a fact I discovered upon my first visit to a nudist beach. So does our behavior. Interest in courtship and relations between the sexes - or for gays, among their own gender - occupies a substantial amount of daily life, not to mention quite a few powerful dreams.

The idea that people are artificially sexualized because of culture reverses cause and effect. Popular culture – book, songs, magazines, advertising, movies, television shows and so on – is developed by humans for humans.  Even sports, among men considered the manliest of pursuits, is a celebration of the body and its potential. Great athletes like Tiger Woods have access to a lot of willing women, and I suspect it’s not because the know how to fill out a tax return or change the spark plugs on a car. A song about two people falling in love is more likely to be a hit than one about a man storing up a masive supply of canned baked beans in his fallout shelter.

Kim Kardashian is a textbook example of how evolutionary forces shaped humanity, both physically and behaviorally. Her body contains the type of differentiated secondary sexual characteristics Darwin would have greatly appreciated, with its ample posterior and bosom. Her daily life, at least as captured by the show (so I’m told) is filled with seeming minutiae. However, amid the triviality is the very stuff of life: men and women, relationships, courtship and beauty, sex and reproduction. Being successful at finding a mate and reproducing separated the winners from the losers among the primates who we are the lucky descendants of. Ignore the importance of the language of love at your own peril.

Critics constantly complain about the poor quality of the US education system. Let’s introduce Ms. Kardashian into the science textbooks, and see if test scores improve.  The difference in beak shapes among the finches of the Galapagos may have inspired Darwin, but a discussion of Ms. Kardashian’s love life and personal affairs will prove more captivating to school kids.

The rest of you can thank me for this suggestion.



09/19/2015 5:52am

I am so dependent on the show Keeping Up with the Kim Kardashian and I think she is lovely. She appears to be truly decent and she truly does appear to think about the individuals. She wears has the extremely pretty outfit.

11/19/2016 2:10pm

I don't understand why a lot of people hate Kim Kardashian. I never watch any of her shows. I think she is not that pretty. She is not really my type. But that does not give me any reason to hate her. Oh well, again I haven't watched any of her shows. Maybe I can find the reason there. I am waiting.


Having in common is just like having the same interests. We cannot say if they are the same in all aspects, they are related. They are just human beings but different persons. But I am glad to found your article. I am Kim Kardashian's fan, and another knowledge was added to me about her.

08/07/2016 10:15pm

Should I really ignore the importance of the language of love at myown peril? Why do you think so?

08/19/2016 2:21am

Why she is so popular? I don't get it. She is not talented at all.

10/07/2016 3:59am

The common aspects of their different points of interests as you are sharing them on here this is a good one article for the fans of the booths. They will get amazing info with the reading of them that you shared here.

11/29/2016 5:25am

famous off of a stupid sex tape and what's yet more frustrating is that Kim Kardashianand her family cancontinue...nothing but a fame whore who will do whatever thing to get more money and attention...


I think it's also an aspect of what society demands. Kim Kardashian has been shaped by her fans and other critical people. They wanted a woman who has shapes and curves. It's something that normally happens when you get people together. Society and its demands put pressure into people and makes them become what society demands them to become.

01/22/2017 2:36am

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Sex doesn’t explain everything in life, but it does explain a lot

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