A guy pushed me on the sidewalk today. Pushed! Me! We were both crossing the street in downtown Bellevue, near the mall, along with about a dozen other people. As the light changed, I intended to turn left at the far corner, and while still within the solid white lines of the crosswalk I started to angle my path in that direction. The other participant in this encounter must have been a step behind me, but walking faster, and so I had in a sense cut him off. But we were both pedestrians, not driving on the freeway. He could have veered to my right, neatly changing lanes. He could have slowed his step and recognized that race-walking when the streets are crowded is not necessarily advisable. Instead, he placed his hand on my left elbow, pushed me to the right with no small degree of force, said “excuse me” and sped past. I reflexively muttered “sorry” and then took sight of him as he strode by. We were nearly doppelgangers. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties, about my height, and of slight build. The nerve!

The whole incident unfolded in the blink of an eye. By the time I realized I had been rudely pushed – shoved, more like it - by fellow male who had nothing on me in size or youth, I began to seethe. How dare he pull a macho stunt like that! I had visions of running after him, yelling, “hey, buddy, who do you think you are?”

About five years ago, Izzy and I took a karate class together. If only he had decided to stick with martial arts instead of switching to dance, I would be a black belt today, for sure. Armed with the hand-to-hand secret combat skills of the Far East, that miscreant would have been on the receiving end of a lesson in manners he wouldn’t soon forget. His good luck, I guess, my youngest child traded in his gei for dancing shoes.

But I remember what he looks like. Bellevue is a small town. I could easily run into him again, and the next time he might not escape unscathed. I won my only schoolyard scrap as a twelve-year old, retiring undefeated and subsequently turned my energies in the direction of love. It may have been a long time since I last engaged in fisticuffs, but a man’s honor is no small thing. In the meantime, in the spirit of the holiday season I wish my antagonist to be fruitful and multiply, but not in those exact words.



11/29/2016 4:45am

I think this is the trick of the people to get stole something from the pocket of other people.These kind f incidents usually happen in the world daily.These people are really very clever and cheat others in a blink of eye.

04/10/2017 12:00am


04/11/2017 3:12am

Karate classes are so interesting! Can't wait to join them too!


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