Here, in no particular order, is my list of the ten most memorable events of 2014:

1.            Hamas launched a war of aggression against Israel, firing thousands of bombs on populated areas, with the specific goal of killing innocent civilians. Israel, a sovereign nation, successfully defended itself, taking great pains to avoid civilian casualties among Palestinians, and is thereby condemned for committing war crimes. Once again, when it comes to the Middle East, the rest of the world channels the spirit of the Red Queen in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, where words whatever she wants them to. Terrorists who explicitly want to kill ordinary citizens are the victims, and the victims of their aggression are considered guilty for engaging in self-defense.

2.            Oil prices plunge on world markets, putting liberals into a logical conundrum. Despite predictions for decades by supposed “experts” that we are running out of carbon energy sources, the world is in fact awash in an oil. This glut has created immense benefit for consumers and made governments subsidies for alternative energy increasingly expensive.  Al Gore in 2016?

3.            The rise of Obama. The collapse in oil prices is creating great pain for America’s antagonists, specifically Iran, Russia and Venezuela. Not only is cheap gas at the pump good for Billy and Betty Six-Pack and the US economy, it’s bad for enemies of democracy, another bitter pill for liberals to swallow.

4.            The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was caught on a recording saying he’s not overly fond of black people, and now he is the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

5.            Two young black men were killed by police and subsequently cleared by grand juries: Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner with his haunting “I can’t breathe” legacy in New York. This reminded us all of our good feelings about one white billionaire owning the Los Angeles Clippers being replaced by a different white billionaire are not necessarily a sign of anything worth celebrating.

6.            A variety of different sporting events were won by a variety of different teams and individuals. Roger Federer either won a major tennis tournament or came awfully close, and Tiger Woods' star powered continued to diminish. Plus, a baseball team, not sure which one specifically, captured the World Series, which includes no other world countries (Canada doesn't count). College coaches still get paid millions of dollars, the players bupkes, which supposedly helps them develop character.

7.            Miley Cyrus has taken the lead on a “free the nipple” campaign. No word as to whether she will pursue a similar moral high ground on behalf of pubic hair.

8.            Instead of broiling in Chicago this summer for my youngest son’s dance activities, I roasted in Las Vegas, which closely resembles the antechamber of Hell in mid-summer.

9.            Cuba! Although critics of ending the embargo argue we’ve tried the policy for only fifty years. We should give it another fifty to really see if it works.

10.          Uber. The last thirty years of technology have upended one industry after another. Taxis are the latest to topple over.

That’s it. Best wishes for a healthy, prosperous 2015!



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