I’d like to figure out a way to interject the word “dude” into my regular vocabulary. The problem is I always have tended towards a certain degree of formality in my speech, avoiding seeming overly familiar to people who might feel I’ve overstepped an invisible boundary in our social relationship. I’ve heard others say “dude” and certainly recognize the context in which its use would be appropriate. “Hey, nice jacket, dude” and so forth. But I’ve always lacked the good-natured and easy-going mien required for this type of repartee. I can learn to loosen my girdle though, can’t I? Let me resolve to embrace dude-dom in the New Year.

And if that goes well, then I intend to introduce, “man, that really chaps my ass” into my steady repertoire of expressions a year hence. The thought makes me downright giddy with excitement, dude.



Dude is one the words that really makes you feel weird when you say it in front of somebody. But now it is accepted by our community language to be the normal word to call the person that is about your age.


Your blog is really interesting and funny too and I am actually agreed with your thoughts. Though this word is quite common nowadays but I don’t like this kind of words and also don’t like to use these in my conversations.

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