A couple of years ago, on a rainy Sunday afternoon (we have a lot of those in Seattle), I took my youngest son to the movies in order to alleviate what might have become a fatal case of boredom. From a distance, I noticed a local billionaire that I had met on several occasions in prior business dealings and saw that he was with his young son as well. Even if you are stupendously wealthy, damp and dreary Sunday afternoons in Seattle are still a drag.

Many years ago, by coincidence, I discovered that among the patients of my dentist was a prominent local Microsoft multibillionaire. Even if I was one of the wealthiest men on the planet, I could not possibly have received better dental care. Imagine that. Plus I was married to the woman of my dreams. All of which led me to conclude that indeed money does not buy happiness.



07/08/2015 6:56pm

Money can't buy happiness.

08/31/2016 9:35am

In the perspective of short term happiness, let us confess, money really do buy the things or environment conducive for happiness. However, humans naturally crave for more or something new. With this, long term happiness is indeed very difficult if not impossible to attain.


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07/08/2016 9:31pm

There's still some merit to the saying that money buys happiness. Money can provide material stuff that brings comfort and leisure, which in turn makes us unworried and a peace of mind. But money cannot buy family, genuine connections with friends and the love that these give. This is what being human is all about. We have to exert love towards another in order to be genuinely happy.


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06/13/2017 12:27am

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